Portage & Main


1. Blast. Remove the oppressive concrete bunkers and all existing curbs and sidewalks.

2. As the dust settles. Reflect on places where people actually want to linger... the wonderfully scaled squares of Europe or the pulsating sensations of Tokyo and New York.

3. Blur the lines. Using a simple palette of lighting, cobblestones and bollards define a new multi-use, pedestrian/vehicular, 24 hour, four season, intersection/plaza.

4. Slow the flow. Appropriate one lane from each of the existing flows of traffic, forming new jumbo-sized, pedestrian-friendly boulevards.

5. Capitalize. Create four new pieces of prime, revenue generating, tax paying, real estate at the very heart of downtown - the mother of all found objects!

6. Inside the box. Use the edges of the new infill structures to reinforce existing building geometries and create a large civic living room.

7. Get intimate. By reducing the scale of the streets, create dramatic gateways to the revitalized intersection. Network and rub shoulders with your neighbours while you take in the scene.

8. Inhabit. Re-settle the core with live/work lofts and a hostel to generate a 24 hour buzz. Even do a little winter camping on the roof!

9. Play. Energize the place with social activities - both civic and commercial. Sip, eat, climb, coast, gawk - repeat...

10. Free parking. Cars mean people, so squeeze in some bonus boulevard stalls. And for those who equate parking and playing (and paying) - high-tech, stacked parking attached to the play structure.

11. What goes up? Must come down. A denser population - along with cold weather and gravity - will ensure that the concourse continues to expand and attract convenience-minded commuters. Commerce is encouraged by flowing target-market consumers thru the existing commercial lobbies. Safety and clarity are encouraged by eliminating the unpleasant and confusing subordinate entry points.

12. Light for lost souls. Light the underground concourse with four circular skylights that double as view-portals to the towers above - helping neophytes find their way. A night-time glow will dramatically illuminate ice sculptures on the boulevards above.

13. Mark the spot. ...with a Media Tower. Send messages to the masses - and sell advertising to pay for it.

14. Celebrate. Throw a party and dance in the street - then back to work to scheme about buying one of those prime ringside balconies...

Jac Comeau

Travis Cooke

David Penner

Todd White